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Dmitry Pavlov

Senior Rust Developer

Dmitry is now available for hire

Main stack: Solidity, Go, Rust

Key skills: backend development, optimising, refactor, writing unit & integration tests.

Experience: 8 years

Key skills: backend development, optimising, refactor, writing unit & integration tests.

Key achievements: Dmitry is a senior blockchain backend developer with knowledge of Solidity, Go, Rust and C1 English.

GoLang: Development of Cosmos SDK based Relayer Network; Data provider module to deterministically fetch data from networks; Implemented feature of selection only one validator for task execution; Development of Report Microservice.

Rust: Porting Solidity logic to Rust smart contracts for Solana, Terra and Near (Farms, Liquidity Pools, UniSwap contracts, Applying fixes after HashCloak audit for Terra); Writing unit & integration tests on ported contracts.

Solidity: Development of collateralized Algorithmic Stablecoin without dynamic collateral ratio; Work with OpenZeppelin contracts (Upgradeable, Pausable, Ownable, ReentrancyGuard and so on); Deployment UniSwap V2 in test environment & solving issue with INIT_CODE_HASH; Implementation of airdrop app with Merkle Trees under the hood for internal purposes.

#Blockchain #Go #Solidity #Rust

Eliseev Max

Senior Solidity Developer

Max is now available for hire

Main stack: Solidity, Python, Django, Go, Rust

Key skills: backend development, optimising, refactor.

Experience: 6 years

Key skills: backend development, optimising, refactor.

Key achievements: Max is a Solidity developer with knowledge of Golang, Python and Rust, as well as C2 English level. Over the past few years of his career, the following results can be noted:

  • Working in a centralized cryptoexchange.
  • Developed smart contracts on solidity and Rust (for Solana).
  • Have experience with Polkadot and Substrate. (also Cumulus).
  • Working on SPOT core of the exchange. Implementing Orderbook operations and http/ws API. (Golang+Python)
  • Working as backend engineer in Aircraft development.
  • Responsible for handling several inner projects in the major Russian bank.

#Blockchain #Solidity

Timothy McCloud

Chief Marketing Officer

Timothy is now available for hire

Key skills: Product Marketing, Community Building, Content & Design, Brand & PR, Engagement & Growth.

Experience: 15 years

Key skills: Product Marketing, Community Building, Content & Design, Brand & PR, Engagement & Growth.

Key achievements: Timothy is a CMO with 15 years of experience in marketing and 5 years of experience in blockchain and web3. During his career, he has achieved the following results:

  • Launch VCOIN (ERC-20 token to enable peer-to-peer transactions in virtual economies).
  • Launch VCORE (interoperable, governance, earning, trading and staking).
  • Launched Ankr Academy, dev hackathons, and $5M dev grant program.
  • Launched StakeFi (DeFi; Parachain Bonds), InVault (custody), and Fangible (NFT marketplace).
  • Lead both analytics and marketing functions including scaling team to 20 total (15 marketing; 5 data science).
  • Complete rebrand, website relaunch, and 100+ mentions across both traditional and crypto media.
  • As well as many other achievements.

#CMO #Blockchain

Juri Kopotko

Chief technology officer

Juri is now available for hire

Key skills: Development team management, software architecture design, software development.

Experience: 22 years

Key skills: Development team management, software architecture design, software development.

Key achievements: Juri is an extremely experienced CTO. He has been in the industry for over 20 years. Has experience as a java developer, broad knowledge of blockchain and C2 English level. Here are just some of the results he has achieved over the many years of his career:

  • Managed a technical staff of 13 developers,solidity, testers and PM.
  • Migrated from vendor outsource model to inhouse team of professionals. Cost cut 60%.
  • Leading company's tech accelerator business arm. Profit increase 34%.
  • Designing architecture for company projects: DAO, crypto onramp, web3 fitness, smart contract audit, metaverse, staking (erc721, erc20), etc.
  • Designing Platform development in Emirates NBD private cloud (Openshift).
  • Piloting Metaverse bank presence project on EVM chain.
  • Coordinated SWIFT network onboarding and POC development with Mashreq Bank.
  • Introduced R3 Corda DLT as a immutable storage.

#CTO #Blockchain

Shamil Salahiev

Senior FullStack Developer

Shamil is now available for hire

Main stack: React, GraphQL, Mongo, Node.js, Web3.js.

Key skills: Backend development, Frontend development, mobile development, optimising, refactor, team leadership.

Experience: 10 years

Key achievements: Shamil is a full stack developer with 10 years of experience. He likes to create useful projects for real users. As a team leader, he developed the most popular service in Russia to check and pay car driving fines. As a Senior Full Stack Developer, he worked on a powerful cross-chain DeFi automation layer. Here he was involved in the development of almost every feature, including:

  • NFT gallery (OpenSea, LooksRare, Rarible, MagicEden).
  • Deltha-neutral earn strategy's frontend (PERP-ETH, MANGOPERP_ETH).
  • Futures funding rates gathered from 3-4 sources (PERP, PERPV2, DYDX, MANGO). Charts and tables (frontend and backend).
  • Options aggregator charts and tables.
  • Core ui kit components and controls.

#FullStack #Blockchain #Web3

Volkov Sergey

Senior Golang Developer

Sergey is now available for hire

Main stack: Golang, Python, Docker, PHP, PostgreSQL.

Key skills: backend development, optimising, refactor, software architecture design

Experience: 18 years

Key skills: backend development, optimising, refactor, software architecture design

Key achievements: Sergey is a golang developer with experience in developing high-load systems and systems with a distributed architecture from architecture to coding. Possesses deep understanding of OOP, multithreading principles, TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP(S), SNMP protocols, distributed system architecture principles. Knowledge of modern SQL/noSQL solutions. Experience in teamwork using development and project management methodologies, version control systems, bug trackers. Development of solutions for the integration of internal and external information systems. Experience in developing analytical systems that work with large data arrays. Experience with mobile tracking, knowledge of user identification methods. Understanding the basics and principles of the online advertising market, CPM / CPC / CPA models, affiliate programs. Ingenuity, a high level of self-discipline, the ability to achieve the desired result in a clearly defined time frame.

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About us

«Vami» is Recruitment agency specializing in recruiting exclusively within the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space. Its founders have a combined total of 20 years IT experience.

We focus on recruiting across all disciplines within Defi(Decentralised Finance), Gamefi (Blockchain Gaming/Metaverse Projects), Layer 1 and 2 Solutions across (Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Polkadot), Non Fungible Tokens(NFT’s) and other areas that involve crypto specific experts.

Our team are located across the globe and all of our consultants have an intimate knowledge of the Blockchain landscape and more importantly are heavily networked within the industry.

What we do:

  • Search for new employees to expand and strengthen the team
  • Search for new employees to solve the most difficult tasks
  • Search for employees for new directions
  • Search for heads of departments

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  • its current replenishment base of candidates that are not in the free search
  • the first candidate is on the 3rd day after the appeal

  • free candidate replacement within 2 months if it did not pass the probationary period or left

Who we are:

Michael Volkov

Founder of Recruitment Agency "Vami", with 20 years experience across Digital, HR, Leadership and Project Management industries.

Valeria Volotkevich

Co-founder of Recruitment Agency "Vami", Head of recruiting, specialize in engineering, marketing, product, management and technology positions within crypto, blockchain, web3 and fintech industries.

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  • It is not possible to find an IT specialist on time
  • tried a hundred candidates, lost time and money
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Who we are looking for:

  • Developers (Front/Back)
  • Engineers (CS, Data Science)
  • Software Architects
  • Product Owners
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  • Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • CTO
  • CMO
  • Blockchain developers / Rust / Solidity / Web3

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01. We get to know the company and the vacancy

  • we communicate with you and find out which specialist need and for what tasks.
  • ask you about 60 questions about your company, to know the specifics and understand how you "sell" to candidates.

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  • first of all, we search by our base IT specialists.
  • if there is no suitable candidate in the database, let's go to specialized sites. We use different search techniques.

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  • collect recommendations from previous locations works.

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  • organize interviews of the candidate and representative of your company, as well as we are present ourselves.

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  • according to statistics, 98% of the candidates we we select, successfully pass the test term.

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